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They built the 'Ann and Hope' in 1798, an account of whose fortunes and misfortunes would prove to be very interesting reading. They owned seven or eight vessels, and when Providence was a town of only eight or ten thousand inhabitants they had successfully established themselves as shipping merchants and were doing a very remunerative trade.But with rising rents and business rates in the capital, pubs are now under threat.Research by City Hall published earlier this year showed that their numbers have fallen by a quarter since 2001. Her sixth and last voyage was from Providence to Batavia, via Lisbon and the Isle of France, and return via Cape of Good Hope and Cowes, for orders, or direct to Providence. She sprung a leak and put into the Isle of France for repairs, which cost about ,000. Included in the cargo were spermaceti candles, Russia ducks and sheetings, camblets and cloths and crown glass. She came home by way of Cowes, Isle of Wight, Amsterdam, Cronstadt and New York, stopping at these places to trade and change cargoes.So how are today’s pub designers trying to buck this trend?The Wigmore is a new addition to London’s pub scene.

She would return with teas, sugar, cassia, silks, ribbons, fans, chinaware, mats, window blinds, umbrellas and sweetmeats.

The tablets ended up in three main groups, in Philadelphia, Istanbul, and Jena, with a few texts in Berkeley, CA, and isolated fragments in the Louvre and the British Museum.

Thus, in the electronic catalog of the Penn Museum's Babylonian Section there are 19,403 items from Nippur at the time of writing, but there are certainly unregistered joins—and even still-unidentified joins—which will in due course lower that figure by several hundred.

Writing immediately after the fourth expedition to Nippur, Hermann Hilprecht, in characteristically combative tone, recalled the comments of Sir Austen Henry Layard, who had carried out less than two weeks of trial excavations at the site in 1851: “On the whole I am much inclined to question whether extensive excavations carried on at Niffer [Nippur] would produce any very important or interesting results,” was the verdict of the great explorer [Layard] at the middle of the last century.

“More than sixty thousand cuneiform tablets so far rescued from the archives of Nippur, temple library definitely located, and a large pre-Sargonic gate discovered below the desert,” was another message which fifty years later the present writer [Hilprecht] could dispatch to the committee of the Philadelphia expedition from the same mounds of Nuffar.

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London’s newest pubs are turning to tradition to inform their design, reacting against the sterile industrial trends of recent decades.