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The passageways were used for Canuts workers to carry their heavy loads from their workshops in the Croix-Rousse to the textile merchants at the foot of the hill, as well as for workers’ meetings.Built in the 12th century on a rocky promontory, the Château of Suze la Rousse is listed as a historic monument.Among the participants are sculptors from different countries. The first edition of the International Festival of sand sculptures in Rousse (Ruse Sandfest) started on 9 June 2015. The Rousse Regional Historical Museum is one of the 11 regional museums of Bulgaria.The festival is organized by the Municipality of Ruse and the foundation "Ruse - the city of free spirit". It was established in 1904 as a museum exposition to the Male High School "Knyaz Boris I" in Rousse.Three big Provençal families owned this gem – the counts of Orange, then the lords of Les Baux for six centuries and finally the Marchioness of Bryas who, upon her death, bequeathed the château to an association which auctioned it off in 1963.The château was then acquired by the General Council.

By excavations there were found Thracians finds dated back to II-nd -...The first examples of traboules are thought to have been built in Lyon in the 4th century.Due to lack of water and malfunctioning aqueducts, the inhabitants of what was Lugdunum had to move to the banks of the river Saône, in the lower town, at the foot of Fourvière hill.One of the mos attractive buildings in Ruse is the house of Andrea Turio – decorated with a Pompeous paintings and hand-drawn wallpapers.Visitors become enchanted by the culture of the residents of Ruse who have become Europeans for a long time and value their city’s beauty.

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Some have counted as many as 400 traboules in Lyon, but just over 40 are open to the public, each clearly marked with a small identifying seal.

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