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Whereas there was once only one path to higher education for most Chinese, now more young people have a choice.When Xiao arrived as a freshman in 2008, 868 Chinese students attended Columbia.

Hong Kong's strong economy and soaring bull market are enticing more and more companies to go public.The China City Group, which operates six nightclubs, has also expressed interest in a public stock issue, and 22 Hong Kong companies have gone public this year, up from nine in 1986.The turmoil swirling around the Club Volvo, as it tries to join the list, reveals much about how business is conducted in Hong Kong - the impact of China as it prepares to absorb the territory in 1997, the growing influence of the Japanese, the intricate corporate relationships that can shroud a company's ownership in mystery, a freewheeling stock exchange trying to enhance its reputation.In addition to regular private parties and promotional events Many familiar faces have been known to frequent BANANA, such as You Peng SU, Pin Yuan Huang, Rui SU, Ying Na to name a few.All prices are the same (KTV, lounge) No room fee for KTV Opening hours: Sunday — Thursday: PM — AM Gate Price: 20RMB Friday — Saturday: PM — AM Gate Price: 30RMD MIX Address Inside Workers Stadium north gate, Chaoyang Distri Beijing, Phone 6530 2889 This is THE place to party hard. Don’t miss this one because it is the best party scene in Beijing.

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Many Hong Kong fund managers and investment bankers here, already concerned about the ''cowboy'' image of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, are outraged at the plans to list the Club Volvo on the exchange, just as its strong economy and soaring stocks are luring more investors.