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Described by the show “as the ‘mom’ of the house,” she eventually left the household midway through the season after getting married.

A Cuban-American AIDS educator, Zamora was the first openly gay man with AIDS to be presented on national American television.

During his time on Real World: San Francisco, he was able to bring awareness to what was then still an underserved epidemic.

He died of AIDS complications mere hours after the final episode of Real World: San Francisco aired in 1994.

“We’re thrilled that MTV is allowing ‘The Real World’ turn 21!

” The current season of “The Real World: Hollywood” brings seven strangers together to pursue their individual “Hollywood dream” as they deal with conflict amongst each other and within themselves in the first eco-friendly house.

I have a really blurry photo of him on my i Phone of him in the bar with the camera.In 1992, producers Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray selected seven strangers to live in a New York City loft, have their lives taped, and show the world what happened when people stopped being polite and started getting real.Twenty-two years and 30 seasons later (The Real World: Skeletons premieres Dec.The show’s second season moved West and was initially titled Real World: California, though the title was later amended to Los Angeles once other seasons were set in that state.The Southern California native worked as a cop and for the Los Angeles County Marshal’s Department.

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